Khulna Diveesion

The Khulna Diveesion is ane o the seiven diveesions o Bangladesh an is locatit in the sooth-wast o the kintra. It haes an aurie o 22,285 km2 an a population o 15,563,000 at the 2011 Census (preliminary returns). Its heidquarters is Khulna ceety in Khulna Destrict.

Khulna Division
Map o Khulna Diveesion
Map o Khulna Diveesion
Coordinates: 22°55′N 89°15′E / 22.917°N 89.250°E / 22.917; 89.250
Kintra Bangladesh
 • Total22,285 km2 (8,604 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total15,563,000
 • Density700/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)



The Khulna diveesion borders the Indie state o Wast Bengal tae the wast, the Rajshahi Diveesion tae the north, the Dhaka an Barisal Diveesions tae the east, an haes a coastline on the Bay o Bengal tae the sooth. It is pairt o the Ganges River delta or Greater Bengal Delta. Ither rivers include the Madhumati River, the Bhairob River an the Kopotokkho River. The region an aw includes several islands in the Bay o Bengal.

Admeenistrative Destricts


Khulna Diveesion consists o the follaein ten Destricts (zilas), subdividit intae 59 sub-deestricts (upazilas):

Destrict Admeenistrative
Aurie in
1991 Census
2001 Census
2011 Census
Bagerhat Destrict Bagerhat 3,959.11 1,431,322 1,549,031 1,461,000
Chuadanga Destrict Chuadanga 1,177.40 807,164 1,007,130 1,123,000
Jessore Destrict Jessore 2,570.42 2,106,996 2,471,554 2,742,000
Jhenaidah Destrict Jhenaidah 1,949.62 1,361,280 1,579,490 1,756,000
Khulna Destrict Khulna 4,394.46 2,010,643 2,378,971 2,294,000
Kushtia Destrict Kushtia 1,621.15 1,502,126 1,740,155 1,933,000
Magura Destrict Magura 1,048.61 724,027 824,311 913,000
Meherpur Destrict Meherpur 716.08 491,917 591,430 652,000
Narail Destrict Narail 990.23 655,720 698,447 715,000
Satkhira Destrict Satkhira 3,858.33 1,597,178 1,864,704 1,973,000
Total Diveesion Khulna 22,285.41 12,688,3832 14,705,223 15,563,000

Bengali leid (Bangla) is the offeecial leid o Bangladesh. There are few thoosan Pakistani oreegin fowk or Bihari fowk speak Urdu, those unfortunate fowk are strandit efter the leeberation war atween Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) an Pakistan. Bihari fowk wur actually frae the state o Bihar an surroondin auries o Indie an they migratit tae East Bengal (presently Bangladesh) at 1947. They actually uise a mixed form o Urdu leid, especially mixed wi Bhojpuri, Bengali, Hindi an Inglis.

Inglis is widely uised as the business leid. Maist o the educatit fowk can speak an unnerstaund Inglis. As Inglis is uised as medium o education in some educational institutions.

Munda, Domari, Romani, Telugu, Gujarati, Marwari an ither minor leids are uised bi minority communities uisually foond in the ceeties.