Rajshahi Diveesion

The Rajshahi Diveesion (Bengali: রাজশাহী বিভাগ) is ane o the seiven admeenistrative diveesions o Bangladesh.

Rajshahi Diveesion

রাজশাহী বিভাগ
Map o Rajshahi Diveesion
Map o Rajshahi Diveesion
Coordinates: 25°00′N 89°00′E / 25.000°N 89.000°E / 25.000; 89.000
Kintra Bangladesh
 • Total18,174.4 km2 (7,017.2 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total18,329,000
 • Density1,000/km2 (2,600/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)

It haes an aurie o 18,174.4 km² an a population at the 2011 Census o 18,329,000 (preliminary figures). Rajshahi Diveesion consists o 8 destricts (Bogra, Joypurhat, Naogaon, Natore, Nawabganj, Pabna, Rajshahi, Sirajganj), 70 Upazilas (the next lawer admeenistrative tier) an 1,092 Unions (the lawest admeenistrative tier). This diveesion is characterized bi its cheap labour force. It haes an excellent rail an road communication infrastructur. The diveesional caipital o Rajshahi is anerlie fower oors road journey away frae Dhaka, the caipital ceety.

Till 2010 this Diveesion comprised 16 destricts, but early in that year it wis dividit intae twae, when a new Diveesion (Rangpur Diveesion) wis formit oot o the 8 northerly destricts that till then haed been pairt o the Rajshahi Diveesion. Rajshahi wis dominatit bi various Rajas, Maharajas an Zamindars.[1]



Rajshahi diveesion is in the mid wastren corner o Bangladesh. The famous river Padma borders Rajshahi diveesion on the sooth an anither famous river, Jamuna, lees athort the eastren border. In the Wast, Rajshahi diveesion shares a border wi Indie.


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