Khan Yunis

Khan Yunis - aften spelt Khan Younis or Khan Yunnis - (Arabic: خان يونس‎; literally Jonah's Caravanserai) is a ceety an adjacent refugee camp in the soothren pairt o the Gaza Strip. Accordin tae the Palestinian Central Bureau o Statistics the ceety, its refugee camp, an its immediate surroondins haed a total population o 180,000 in 2006.[2] Although Khan Yunis lees anerlie 4 kilometers frae the Mediterranean Sea the climate o Khan Yunis is semi-arid wi temperatur reachin heich tae 30 degree C in simmer an decreasin heich at 10 degree C in winter region wi an annual rainfaw o approximately 260 mm.

Khan Yunis
Ither transcription(s)
 • Arabicخان يونس
Location o Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip
Location o Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip
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Coordinates: 31°20′40″N 34°18′11″E / 31.34444°N 34.30306°E / 31.34444; 34.30306Coordinates: 31°20′40″N 34°18′11″E / 31.34444°N 34.30306°E / 31.34444; 34.30306
GovrenorateKhan Yunis
 • TeepCeety
 • Heid o MunicipalityMuhammad Jawad Abd Al-Khaliq Al-Farra
 • Jurisdiction54.56 km2 (21.07 sq mi)
 • Jurisdiction142,637[1]
Name meanin"Jonah's Inn"

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Khan Yunis is twinned wi the follaein ceeties:

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