Kars Province

Kars is a province o Turkey, locate in the northeastren pairt o the kintra. It shares pairt o its mairches wi the Republic o Armenie.

Kars Province

Kars ili
Location of Kars Province in Turkey
Location of Kars Province in Turkey
RegionEastren Anatolie
 • Electoral destrictKars
 • Tot9,587 km2 (3,702 sq mi)
 • Tot289,786
 • Density30/km2 (78/sq mi)
Area code(s)0474
Vehicle registration36

The provinces o Ardahan an Iğdır wis pairt o Kars Province till the 1990s.


Kars wis unner the control o the Ottoman Empire for centuries. For a brief period, frae 1878 till 1917, it wis controlled bi Roushie. Frae 1918 tae 1920 the province wis unner[2] the admeenistration o the Democratic Republic o Armenie as the Vanand province (wi the ceety o Kars as its caipital). Its territory wis cedit tae Turkey bi the Soviet Union in the Treaty o Kars.


Kars province is dividit intae 8 destricts (ilçe), each named efter the admeenistrative centre o the destrict:

Thare 383 veelages in Kars.

Kars nature, wildlife an ecotourismEedit

The kirk o St. Gregory o the Abughamrents in Ani

Kars haes a walth o wildlife that is bein documentit bi the Kars-Igdir Biodiversity Project run bi the KuzeyDoga Society.[3] The project haes recordit 321 o Turkey's 465 bird species in the region. At least 214 o thaim occur at Loch Kuyucuk,[4] that is the maist important wetland in the province. Sarikamis Wids in the sooth resets woufs, broun beir, lynx an ither ainimals, an Aras (Araxes) River wetlands comprise a key stap-ower steid for mony migratin birds. Aras River Bird Research an Eddication Center at Yukari Ciyrikli veelage haes recordit 218 bird species at this single location alane.


Kars conteens numerous monuments, the maist notable bein the ruined Armenian ceety o Ani an the 9t century Kirk o the Apostles.

In popular culturEedit

Kars wis the settin for the popular novel Snow bi Orhan Pamuk. The Siege of Kars, 1855 is a beuk published bi The Stationery Office, 2000, an is an accoont o its defence an capitulation as reportit bi ane General Williams, ane o mony Breetish officers lent tae the Turkis airmy tae lead garrisons an train regiments in the war agin Roushie.



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