Jane Goodall

Dame Jane Morris Goodall, DBE (born Valerie Jane Morris-Goodall on 3 Aprile 1934)[1] is a Breetish primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, an UN Messenger o Peace.[2] Considered tae be the warld's foremaist expert on chimpanzees, Goodall is best kent for her 45-year study o social an faimily interactions o wild chimpanzees in Gombe Stream Naitional Pairk, Tanzanie.[3] She is the foonder o the Jane Goodall Institute an the Roots & Shoots program, an she haes wirked extensively on conservation an ainimal welfare issues. She haes served on the board o the Nonhuman Rights Project syne its foondin in 1996.[4][5]

Dame Jane Goodall
BornValerie Jane Morris-Goodall
(1934-04-03) 3 Aprile 1934 (age 88)
Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Alma materNewnham College, Cambridge
Darwin College, Cambridge
Kent forStudy o chimpanzees, conservation,
ainimal welfare
AwairdsDBE (2004)
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorRobert Hinde
SignaturAutograph of Jane Goodall.jpg


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