Innsbruck is the caipital ceety o the federal state o Tyrol in wastren Austrick. It is locatit in the Inn Valley at the junction wi the Wipptal (Sill River), which provides access tae the Brenner Pass, some 30 km (18.64 mi) sooth o Innsbruck. Locatit in the broad valley atween heich muntains, the Nordkette (Hafelekar, 2,334 metres (7,657 ft) in the north, Patscherkofel (2,246 metres (7,369 ft)) an Serles (2,718 metres (8,917 ft)) in the sooth, it is an internaitionally renowned winter sports centre, an hostit the 1964 an 1976 Winter Olympics an the 1984 an 1988 Winter Paralympics. It is tae host the 1st Winter Youth Olympics in 2012. The wird bruck comes frae the German wird Brücke meanin "brig" which leads tae "the brig ower the Inn". The Pailace o Innsbruck in also here.

Internaitional relationsEedit

Twin touns — Sister ceetiesEedit

Innsbruck is twinned wi:


Austrian Service AbroadEedit

The Austrian Service Abroad is a NGO, which provides poseetions for an alternative Austrian naitional service at 85 organisations in 35 kintras warldwide in the sectors Holocaust Memorial Service, Social Service an Peace Service. It wis foondit bi Andreas Maislinger an Andreas Hörtnagl in 1998 an is based in Innsbruck.


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