Hermosillo Municipality

Hermosillo is a municipality in Sonora in north-wastren Mexico.[1] The municipal seat is the ceety o Hermosillo.

Desert sculptur at the edge o Hermosillo
Desert sculptur at the edge o Hermosillo
Kintra Mexico
 • Total14,880.2 km2 (5,745.3 sq mi)
 • Total701,838
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

As municipal seat, the ceety o Hermosillo is the local govrenment o ower 3,800 ither localities,[2] wi a combined territory o 14,880.2 km2.[3] Ither important commonties include Miguel Alemán, San Pedro el Saucito, Bahía Kino, La Victoria an La Manga. The municipality borders the municipalities o Carbó, San Miguel de Horcasitas, Ures, Mazatán, La Colorada, Guaymas an Pitiquito, wi the Guwf o Californie tae the soothwast.[3]

The municipality is maistly flat wi slopin towards the sea. Thare are isolatit muntain peaks that reach tae anerlie 300 meters abuin sea level an include Tepoaca, Bacoachito, Lopez, Tonuco, Seri, Batamote, Goguz, Bronces, SantaTeresa, La Palma, Siete Cerros and La Campana. These are locatit maistly in the eastren section o the municipality. The twa maist important rivers are the Rio Sonora an the Rio San Miguel. Baith o these are uised for irrigation purposes wi the Abelardo L. Rodriguez dam locatit on the San Miguel River.[3] The population increase o the municipality, currently at 2.5% annually puts pressur on the infrastructur o the ceety, especially its watter supply.[4] Decades o owerpumpin o grund watter haes led tae the aquifer levels bein lawer than sea levels, an sea watter creepin in as an "artificial rechairge."[5]

The municipality is wi twa arid climate regions. The first is that next tae the sea, which is desert wi fairly cauld winters an hot simmers. The rest o the municipality is vera dry desert wi lairger temperatur variations than the coastal aurie. Temperaturs can range frae as law as freezin in Januar an Februar tae 48 °C in Julie an August. Rains for baith climates faws maistly atween Juin an September, wi annual precipitation atween 75 an 300 millimetres, dependin on location. Maist o the vegetation here consists o mesquite trees as well as trees such as the desert ironfirth, palo verde an the huisache. Dune vegetation exists at Bahia de Kino. Desert animals such as the desert tortoise, rattlesnakes, bighorn sheep an lynx are the maist notable species.[3]


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