Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton is a port ceety in the Canadian province o Ontario. Conceivit bi George Hamilton when he purchased the Durand ferm shortly efter the War o 1812, Hamilton haes become the centre o a densely populatit an industrialisit region at the wast end o Lake Ontario kent as the Golden Horseshoe. On 1 Januar 2001, the new Ceety o Hamilton wis formit through the amalgamation o the umwhile ceety an the ither constituent lawer-tier municipalities o the Regional Municipality of Hamilton–Wentworth wi the upper-tier regional govrenment. Residents o the ceety ar kent as Hamiltonians. Syne 1981, the metropolitan aurie haes been leetit as the nint lairgest in Canadae an the third lairgest in Ontario.

City of Hamilton
Ambitious City,[1] Steeltown,[2] The Hammer[3]
Together Aspire - Together Achieve
Location in the province o Ontario, Canadae
Location in the province o Ontario, Canadae
Coordinates: 43°15′N 79°52′W / 43.250°N 79.867°W / 43.250; -79.867
Kintra Canadae
Province Ontario
Incorporatit9 Juin 1846[4]
 • MayorFred Eisenberger
 • Ceety CooncilHamilton, Ontario City Council
 • MPs
 • MPPs
 • Ceety1138.11 km2 (439.43 sq mi)
 • Laund1117.11 km2 (431.32 sq mi)
 • Water21 km2 (8 sq mi)
 • Urban
227.70 km2 (87.92 sq mi)
 • Metro
1371.76 km2 (529.64 sq mi)
Highest elevation
324 m (1,063 ft)
Lowest elevation
75 m (246 ft)
 • Ceety519,949 (10t)
 • Density465.4/km2 (1,205/sq mi)
 • Metro
721,053 (9t)
 • Demonym
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (EDT)
Postal code span
L8E tae L8W, L9A tae L9C, L9G tae L9H, L9K
Area code(s)905, 289, 519


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