Guainía (Spaingie pronunciation: [ɡwaiˈni.a]; Yira leid: Land o mony watters) is a depairtment o Colombie. It is in the east o the kintra, borderin Venezuela an Brazil. Its caipital is Inirida. In 1963 Guainía wis split aff frae Vaupés. The northren pairt an the Inírida River are includit in the Orinoco river basin; the rest is pairt o Amazonie. The Guaviare River is the main aurie o colonization, mony colonos come frae the Colombie Andean zone, maist o them frae Boyacá. They are follaeed bi the llaneros, fowk frae the eastren plains. The main population is composed bi Native Indians, the big ethnic groups are the Puinave (frae the makú-puinave faimily) an the curripaco (frae the Arawak family). There are a total o 24 ethnic groups in the depairtment, mony o them speak fower Indian leids besides Spainyie an Portuguese.

Depairtment o Guainía

Departamento de Guainía
Banner o Depairtment o Guainía
Coat of airms o Depairtment o Guainía
Coat airms
Guainía shown in red
Guainía shown in red
Coordinates: 3°51′55″N 67°55′26″W / 3.86528°N 67.92389°W / 3.86528; -67.92389
Kintra Colombie
RegionAmazon Region
 • GovernorWilson Ladino Vigoya
 • Total72238 km2 (27,891 sq mi)
 • Total35,230
 • Density0.49/km2 (1.3/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-05
ISO 3166 codeCO-GUA

The depairtment is kent for its coca crops an the guerrilla presence, but mony in Colombie ignore the bonnie landscape, the variety in fuid an the Indians deep sense o hospitality. Colonization, narcotraffec an war are displacin the oreeginal population an pushin mony o them intae force displacement. Afore the Mapiripán massacre, in the near Meta Depairtment, the aurie wis an island o peace inside violent Colombie. Efter 1996, the expansion o paramilitar forces ("sel-defenses") lead them tae the Guaviare River an Inírida surroondins. Nou the presence o state militar haes strengthen an the captur o Fernandinho Beira-Mar,[2] a leadin Brazilian narcotroker, promptit the depairtment tae the heidlines. It occurred in Barrancominas, the seicont biggest population. In the poleetical arena, the natives haed wan important places, like the Inírida mayor office an the sit o the govrenor. On 20 Januar 2006, the govrenor, Efrén de Jesús Ramírez Sabana, wis put oot o office acause he wis condemned bi a Villavicencio judge in a case o nourishin unattendance.[3] The ootstit govrenor is ethnically a Sikuani, he wan office bi the Autoridades Indígenas de Colombia, AICO (Colombie Indigenous Authorities) wi a heich percentage.



There's anerlie ane municipality in Guainía: Inírida the caipital. The rest o the territory is subdividit in corregimientos departamentales, a pendin figur due tae public disorder.[4] This case happens anerlie in Amazonas, Vaupés an Vichada. Barrancominas is the seicont biggest population an its main corregimiento; it is locatit in the Guaviare River.

The Guainía corregimientos are:

  1. Cacahual
  2. Guaviare
  3. La Guadalupe
  4. Morichal Nuevo
  5. Pana Pana
  6. Puerto Colombia
  7. San Felipe

Maist o the territory is inside Indie resguardos, a figur mair autonomous than Unitit States reservations. Land awners dislike this acause this lands can no be sauld, taken or prescript. Ane o the bigger resguardos is Chorro Bocón, in the medium Inírida River.


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