Great Northren War

The Great Northren War (1700–1721) wis a war whaur a coaleetion led bi the Tsardom o Roushie kempit wi the supremacy o the Swadish Empire wi sonse, in Middlins, Northren, an Eastlin Europe. The initial heid anes o the anti-Swadish alliance war Peter the Great o Roushie, Frederick IV o Denmark–Norawa an Augustus II the Strang o Saxony-Poland. Frederick IV an Augustus II war forced oot o the alliance in 1700 an 1706 respectively, but rejyned it in 1709. George I o Brunswick-Lüneburg (Hanover) jyned the coaleetion in 1714 for Hanover an in 1717 for Breetain, an Frederick William I o Brandenburg-Proushie jyned it in 1715.

Great Northren War
Great Northern War.jpg
Clockwise frae tap: Battle o Narva, Battle o Düna, Battle o Poltava, Battle o Gangut, Battle o Gadebusch
DateFebruar 22, 1700 – September 10, 1721
(21 years, 6 months an 19 days, N.S.)
LocationNorthren, Eastren an Central Europe

Coalition victory:

Treaty o Nystad: Roushie gains the three dominions Estonia, Livonie an Ingrie as well as pairts o Kexholm an Viborg.
Treaties o Stockholm: Pruoushie gains pairts o Swadish Pomerania.
Hanover gains Bremen-Verden.
Treaty o Frederiksborg: Holstein–Gottorp loses its pairt o the Duchy o Schleswig tae Denmark.

Swaden Swadish Empire

Pols–Lithuanie Commonweel
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Cossack Hetmanate (1708–09)
Kinrick o Great Breetain Great Breetain
Dutch Republic Dutch Republic

Kinrick o Ingland Kinrick o Ingland (1700)

Roushie Tsardom o Roushie

Electorate o Saxony Electorate o Saxony
(1700–06, 1709–19)
Pols–Lithuanie Commonweel
(1701–04, 1704–09, 1709–19)
Denmark Denmark–Norawa
(1700, 1709–20)
Kinrick o Proushie Kinrick o Proushie (1715–21)
Province o Hanover Electorate o Hanover (1715–19)
Kinrick o Great Breetain Great Breetain
Commanders an leaders

Swaden Charles XII (–1718)
Swaden Eleonora I (1718–20)
Swaden Frederick I (1720–)

Frederick IV (–1702)
Duke Charles (1702–)
Stanisław I

Ottoman Empire Ahmed III

Ivan Mazepa † (1708–)
Kinrick o Great Breetain George I

Roushie Peter I

Electorate o Saxony 
Augustus II
(personal union)

Denmark Frederick IV

Ivan Mazepa (1700–08)

Kinrick o Proushie Frederick William I

Province o Hanover 
Kinrick o Great Breetain
George I
(personal union)

Initial force:
Swaden: 76,000[1]
: 5,000[2]
Temporary support (1700):
Brunswick-Lüneburg: 10,000
Dutch Republic: 13 ships[3]
Kinrick o Ingland: 12 ships[3]

Later allies (1704–14):
: 24,000[4]
Ottoman Empire: 130,000[5]
: 4,000[6]

Initial force:
Roushie: 110,000[7]
Electorate o Saxony: 30,000[8]
: 50,000[9]
Denmark: 40,000[10]
: 30,000[7]

Later allies (1715–20):
Kinrick o Proushie: 50,000
Province o Hanover: 20,000[11]
Casualties an losses

Aboot 200,000 Swadish: 25,000 killt in combat,

175,000 killt bi faimin, disease an exhaustion.[12]
Leastweys 75,000 Roushies killt in combat.
14,000–20,000 Poles, Saxons an 8,000 Danes killt in the lairger battles.
60,000 Danes in tot atween 1709–1719.[13]


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