Francis Bacon, Viscoont St. Alban[a] Kt PC QC (/ˈbkən/; 22 Januar 1561 – 9 Apryle 1626), wis an Inglis filosofer, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, essayist an author. He served baith as Attorney General an as Laird Chancellor o Ingland. Efter his daith, he remeened extremely influential throu his warks, especially as filosofical advocate an practeetioner o the scienteefic method in the scienteefic revolution.

Francis Bacon
Portrait o Francis Bacon, bi Frans Pourbus (1617), Palace on the Watter in Warsaw.
Attorney General o Ingland an Wales
In office
Precedit biHenry Hobart
Succeedit biHenry Yelverton
Personal details
Born22 January 1561
Strand, Lunnon, Ingland
Dee'd9 Aprile 1626 (aged 65)
Highgate, Middlesex, Ingland
Alma materCambridge Varsity

Bacon haes been cried the faither o empiricism.[3] His warks argued for the possibility o scienteefic knawledge based anerly upon inductive raisonin an carefu observation o events in naitur. Maist importantly, he argued this coud be achieved bi uise o a sceptical an methodical approach whaurbi scientists aim tae avoid misleadin themsels. While his awn practical ideas aboot sic a method, the Baconian method, did nae hae a lang lastin influence, the general idea o the importance an possibility o a sceptical methodology maks Bacon the faither o scienteefic method. This merked a new turn in the rhetorical an theoretical framewark for science, the practical details o that are still central in debates aboot science an methodology the day. In addeetion tae his work in the sciences, Bacon wis an aa a venerable patron o leebrars an developed a functional seestem for the catalogin o beuks bi dividin them intae three categories- history, poesy, an filosofie- that coud forder be dividit intae mair speceefic subjects an subheidins.

Bacon wis generally neglectit at coort bi Queen Elizabeth, but efter the accession o Keeng James I in 1603, Bacon wis knichtit. He wis later creatit Baron Verulam in 1618[4] an Viscoont St. Alban in 1621.[5][b] Acause he haed na heirs, baith teetles becam extinct upon his daith in 1626, at 65 years o age. Bacon dee'd o pneumonia, wi ane accoont bi John Aubrey statin that he haed contractit the condeetion while studyin the effects o freezin on the preservation o meat. He is buiried at St Michael's Kirk, St Albans, Hertfordshire.[6]


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