historic coonty o Ingland

Middlesex (/ˈmɪdəlsɛks/, abbreviation: Middx) wis a coonty in sootheast Ingland that is nou maistly pairt o Greater Lunnon, wi smaw sections in neebourin coonties. It wis established in the Anglo-Saxon seestem frae the territory o the Middle Saxons. The historic coonty includit laund stretchin north o the River Thames frae 3 mile (5 km) east tae 17 mile (27 km) wast o the Ceety o Lunnon wi the rivers Colne an Lea an a ridge o hills as the ither boondars. The lairgely law-leein coonty, dominatit bi clay in its north an alluvium on gravel in its sooth, wis the seicont smawest bi aurie in 1831.[3]

Banner Coat o airms
Middlesex in 1889-1965
Middlesex athin Ingland in 1890
 • 1801/1881734 km2 (181,320 acre)[1]
 • 1911601.8 km2 (148,701 acre)[2]
 • 1961601.7 km2 (148,691 acre)[2]
Aurie transferred
 • 1889Metropolitan pairishes tae Coonty o Lunnon
 • 1801818,129[1]
 • 18812,920,485[1]
 • 19111,126,465[2]
 • 19612,234,543[2]
 • 180111 inhabitants per hectare (4.5/acre)
 • 188140 inhabitants per hectare (16.1/acre)
 • 191119 inhabitants per hectare (7.6/acre)
 • 196137 inhabitants per hectare (15/acre)
 • Precedit biKinrick o Essex
 • OriginMiddle Saxons
 • CreatitIn antiquity
 • Abolished1965
 • Succeedit biGreater Lunnon
StatusCeremonial coonty (till 1965)
Admeenistrative coonty (1889–1965)
Chapman codeMDX[notes 1]
GovrenmentMiddlesex Quarter Sessions (until 1889)[notes 2]
Within The Metropolis:
Metropolitan Board of Works (1855–1889)
Middlesex County Council (1889–1965)
 • HQsee text
 • TeepHundreds (ancient)
Destricts (1835–1965)

Notes an references eedit

  1. Historic boundaries excluding the City of London, which is code LND
  2. The Middlesex Quarter Sessions haed jurisdiction in Wastmeenster, but no the Tower Liberty
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Coordinates: 51°30′N 0°25′W / 51.500°N 0.417°W / 51.500; -0.417