Scienteefic method

bouk o techniques for investigatin phenomena, acquirin new knawledge

The scienteefic method is a bouk o techniques for investigatin phenomena, acquirin new knawledge, or correctin an integratin previous knawledge.[2] Tae be termed scienteefic, a method o inquiry is commonly based on empirical or meisurable evidence subject tae speceefic principles o raisonin.[3] The Oxford Dictionaries Online define the scienteefic method as "a method or procedur that haes chairacterised naitural science syne the 17t century, conseestin in seestematic observation, meisurment, an experiment, an the formulation, testin, an modification o hypotheses".[4] Experiments need tae be designed tae test hypotheses. The maist important pairt o the scienteefic method is the experiment.[5]

The scienteefic method as a cyclic or iterative process[1]


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