Eva Mozes Kor (31 Januar 1934 - 4 Julie 2019) wis a survivor o the Holocaust who, wi her twin sister Miriam, wis subjectit tae human experimentation unner Josef Mengele at Auschwitz.

Eva Mozes Kor
Eva Mozes Kor.jpg
Eva Mozes Kor in 2011
BornEva Mozes
31 Januar 1934(1934-01-31)
Porț, Romanie
Died4 Julie 2019 (aged 85)
Krakow, Poland
ResidenceTerre Haute, Indiana
Naitionality Romanie
Ither namesEva Kor
Citizenship Unitit States
Kent forFoondit CANDLES Holocaust Museum an Eddication Center an speaks naitionally[1][2] an internaitionally on the topic o the Holocaust an Medical Ethics
Hauf-marrae(s)Michael Kor
ChilderAlex Kor, Rina Kor


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