Edinburgh Greement (2012)

The Edinburgh Greement (fou title: Greement atween the Unitit Kinrick Govrenment an the Scots Govrenment oan a referendum oan unthirldom for Scotland) is the greement atween the Scots Govrenment an the Unitit Kinrick Govrenment, signit oan 15 October 2012 at Saunt Andra's Hoose, Edinburgh, oan the terms for the Scottis unthirldom referendum.

Baith govrenments greeit that the referendum shoud:

  • hae a clear legal base
  • be legislatit for bi the Scots Pairlament
  • be conductit sae as tae commaund the confidence o pairlaments, govrenments an fowk
  • deleever a fair test an decisive pit ower o the views o the fowk in Scotland an a ootcome that awbody will respect

The greement wis signit bi: