Cyrillic script

The Cyrillic script, or Cyrillic alphabet - kent bi ither naimes sic as the Slavonic script, or the Slaivic script - is a writin seestem uised fer mony leids acros Eurasie. It is the naitional script in sevrel Slavic, Turkic, Mongolic, Uiralic, Caucus, an Iranian talkin kintra an leids i Sootheestren Europe, Eestren Europe, the Caucasus, Centra Asie, Northren Asie, an Eestren Asie, an uised bi mony ither minoritie leids.

As bi 2019, aboot 250 million fowk in Eurasie uis Cyrillic as th'official screipt fer ther naitional leids, wi Roushie makin aboot hauf o them. When Bulgarie joinit the European Uinion o the 1 Januar 2007, Cyrillic acome the third offeecial script o th'European Union, efter the Laitin an Greik alphabets.

Th'Early Cyrillic Alphabet wis developt i the 9t yeirhunner AD i th Preslav Litrary Schuil i the First Bulgarie Empir at the time o Tsar Simeon I the graet, maist liklie bi the disciple o the twa Byzantin Brither Cyril an Methodius, whi hed aforehaund makkit the Glagolitic script. Alang wi thaem were Clement of Ohrid, Naum o Preslav, Angelar, Sava an ither scolars. The Cyrillic script wis cried fer tae honour Sint Cyril.