The Turkic leids constitute a leid faimlie o at least thirty-five[2] leids, spaken bi Turkic fowks athort a vast aurie frae Eastren Europe an the Mediterranean tae Siberie an Wastren Cheenae, an are considered tae be pairt o the proposed Altaic leid faimlie.[3]

Frae Sootheastren Europe tae Wastren Cheenae an Siberie
Lingueestic clessificationAne o the warld's primary leid faimilies
ISO 639-5trk
Turkic leids

Turkic leids are spaken as a native leid bi some 165[4] tae 180 million fowk;[5] an the total nummer o Turkic speakers is ower 200 million, includin speakers o a seicont leid. The Turkic leid wi the greatest nummer o speakers is Turkis proper, or Anatolien [an Balkan] Turkish, the speakers o whilk accoont for aboot 40% o aw Turkic speakers.[3] Characteristic featurs o Turkis, sic as vowel harmony, agglutination, an lack o grammatical gender, are universal athin the Turkic faimily.[3] There is an aw a hie degree o mutual intelligibility atween the sindry Oghuz leids, whilk include Turkis, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Qashqai, Gagauz, an Balkan Gagauz Turkis.[6]


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