Eurasie is a continent in the northren pairt o the Yird. Eurasie is made o Europe an Asie, whilk are on the same tectonic plate an dinna hae a sea atween thaim, sae thay are scientifically the ane continent. The wird is made by eikin "Eur" (frae Europe) tae "Asie" for tae mak "Eurasia".

Some geographers say it's aw juist ane continent, acause unalike the Americaes or Africae, Europe an Asie arna sindered by sea. The Auncient Greeks sindered the warld thay kent intae Europe, Asie an Africae. Syne than, fowk hae been talkin aboot Asie an Europe as twa continents sae it is nou a tradeetion.

Some ither continents arna evendoun sindered by sea an are jynt thegither an by a nairae strip o laund (cried an isthmus) like North Americae an Sooth Americae. Houaniver, Europe an Asiea arna sindered by sea ava.

Whiles Eurasiea is sindered intae Wast Eurasie an East Eurasie. Wast Eurasie is Europe an the Mid East. Historians whiles add North Africae tae Wast Eurasie acause the Sahara Desert sinders North Africae frae the ither pairts o Africae an it is as difficult tae cross as a sea.