Auncient Greece

(Reguidit frae Auncient Greeks)

Auncient Greece wis a Greek civilisation belangin tae a period o Greek history that lastit frae the Archaic period o the 8t tae 6t centuries BC tae the end o antiquity (ca. 600 AD).

Aw throu the 18ct century, Auncient Greek an Rouman cultur (affen cryed Clessical Culture) wis muckle admired in Scotland bi the educatit an upper clesses, an thay attemptit tae copy a wheen ideas. This scweel o thocht is mirrart in, for instance, the airchitectur o gran kintra an public biggins that haed intil them Greek columns an Roman facades. The Scots leid wis noo compared wi the ‘Doric’ spik o auncient Greece (spoken in Doria) file Inglis became associate wi ‘Attic’ (the leid o the city states).