Biggin can be a noun or a verb. Biggin is wan o the maist ancient human skills. It is pairt o the way we huv survived an it is the maist weel-kent seembol o a civilisation. Awtho some ither craetures big simple structures, e.g. birds, ants an bees, humans huv learnt tae big in a great mony weys, fur tae fit different needs an local condeetions. We big maistly fur beildin. Biggins can beild fowk, or ainimals, or machinery, or anyhin. The simplest biggin is jist a ruif, fur tae keep the space underneath dry, or shady. Eikin waws gies mair beildin fae the wind or rain.

Biggins in Rotterdam

By pittin a windae in a waw, wi or wioot gless, we lat licht inside the biggin. We leave a hole somewhaur big eneuch tae gang in an oot, wi a door that can be appent an closed. Aften the door will huv a lock, sae the biggin can be left siccar.

Gin a biggin is tae last fur a lang time, it may huv foonds. This is like the ruit o a tree, that is sunken in the groond an praps up the waws. Gin the groond is saft, the foonds maun be gey deep an strang.

Gin a biggin is heich eneuch, it can huv mair nor the wan flair. Fowk can clim frae ae flair tae the next by a stair, or aiblins by a lift. This is kent as gaun up the stair, or doun the stair. Biggins can huv a flair unner the groond an aw. This is fur ordinar cried a laich room or dunnie.

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