Licht is a form o energy. Onythin wi a temperatur abuin absolute zero emits (gies aff) licht. Licht is cried "electromagnetic radiation" an aw. Licht is makkit up o tottie particles cried photons.


Licht muives at the speed o licht, aboot 300,000 km, or aboot 186,000 mile, per seicont. This means it taks aboot 1.2 seicont for licht tae reach the Yird frae the Muin.

Licht muives in a straucht line, binna thare's a gravitational field naurhaund, makkin shaidaes whan the peth o licht is ditit. Mair solit things will hae a daurker shaidae, things that are mair clear hae a lichter shaidae, an transparent things willna hae ane or hae a gey wee shaidae.

Wir een react tae licht; whan we see somethin we see the licht it reflects, or the licht it emits. For ensaumple, a laump gies aff licht, an awthing ense in the same room as the laump reflects its licht.