Colony (In Flames album)

Colony is the fowert album bi the Swadish melodic daith metal baund, In Flames. The album wis released on 31 Mey 1999 through Nuclear Blast Records. It wis the first In Flames album tae feature the classic (up till Jesper Stromblad's depairtur in 2010) line-up, wi the addition o Daniel Svensson an Peter Iwers, an Björn Gelotte permanently switchin frae drummer tae rhythm guitarist.

Studio album by In Flames
Released21 May 1999 (Japan)
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(Studio Fredman)
GenreMelodic daith metal
LabelNuclear Blast
ProducerFredrik Nordström an In Flames
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Springheid Ratin
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]
Sputnikmusic 4.5/5 stars[2]

The album deals wi various aspects o releegion an spirituality, frae the somewha positive licht o Embody the Invisible an The New Word, tae the mair negative Zombie Inc. an Scorn. This album features a faster, tichter, an mair energetic approach tae the muisic than displayed on the previous album, Whoracle, though the sang-writin approach is similar. This is the first In Flames album tae feature clean vocals, which wur uised on the sangs "Coerced Coexistence" an "Insipid 2000". A muisic video wis made for Ordinary Story, which wis directit bi Tamara Jordan.

The track Behind Space '99 is a remak o the track first heard on Lunar Strain, although devoid o its oreeginal acoustic guitar ootro. The sang Embody the Invisible appears in the soondtrack o the video gemme Tony Hawk's Underground.

Track leetinEedit

Aw Arrangements bi In Flames. Aw sangs published bi Prophecies Publishing. Niklas Sundin helped Fridén translate the leerics Fridén wrote in Swadish tae Inglis.

1."Embody the Invisible"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte3:37
2."Ordinary Story"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte4:16
3."Scorn"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte3:37
4."Colony"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte4:39
5."Zombie Inc."FridénStrömblad & Gelotte5:05
6."Pallar Anders Visa"(Instrumental)Strömblad & Gelotte1:41
7."Coerced Coexistence"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte4:14
8."Resin"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte3:21
9."Behind Space '99"StanneStrömblad & Ljungström3:58
10."Insipid 2000"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte3:45
11."The New Word"FridénStrömblad & Gelotte3:18


The title o The New Word is subject tae debate. According to the track list on the back cover o the oreeginal 1999 release, the offeecial In Flames wab steid Archived 2007-02-10 at the Wayback Machine, an the leerics printit in the oreeginal 1999 CD beuklet, the correct title is The New Word; housomeivver, accordin tae the heidin o the leerics printit for the sang in the oreeginal beuklet, the track leet on the 2004 re-release, an the offeecial Nuclear Blast Records wab steid Archived 2006-11-17 at the Wayback Machine, the sang is cried The New World. The 2009 re-release Colony: Reloaded did nothing tae clear up this issue, wi the insert an the beuklet containin the same inconsistency as the oreeginal 1999 release. The sang's leerics thairsels, meanwhile, suggest that The New Word is indeed the correct title.

"Pallar Anders Visa" means "The Ballad o Thief Anders".

The Deluxe Edition (2004)Eedit

This enhanced re-release contains the follaein in addition tae the abuin tracks:

Colony: Reloaded (2009)Eedit

This enhanced, remastered re-release contains aw the same bonus content as the 2004 Deluxe Edition. The oreeginal 1999 cover is brocht back, an the back insert is custom-shapit tae fit intae the "Super Jewel BOX" case that is uised.


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