Charles W Gray

Charles W Gray (1899-1987) wis an architect wha biggit mony Catholic churches in Scotland in the mid twentieth century.[1]

Charles William Gray wis born in 1899. He studied under the direction o John Ross McKay fae 1921 til 1927, baith in the latter's affice an at hame, an attended classes at Edinburgh College o Art fae 1922. He did weel in his studies, winnin' a batch o prizes an a travelling bursary in 1925. He spent three month o ilka year sketching in France, Italy, Spain an England. In Juin 1928 he wis picked an associate o' th' RIAS.

He spent the winter of 1928 wi Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel in Cannes at St Raphael, afore joining the affice o René Darde, architect o the Société Centrale de Paris. Aboot September 1931 or 1932 he startit practice oan his ain accoont at Ste Maxime wi a wee villa at St Raphael.

He returned tae Edinburgh in 1936 an wis appointed chief o warkers tae Reginald Fairlie, wha wis then workin oan the National Library of Scotland. He remained wi Fairlie til 1939, whilst an a carrying oot his ain private practice whilk consisted mainly o' churches.

Amang his notable churches in Scotland are:

St James, Paisley, Renfrewshire, 1957

St James' Paisley

Church of the Holy Name, Oakley, Fife 1958.[2] Notable features include th' stained gless windaes an' th' carvt Stations o' th' Cross bi Gabriel Loire.[3]

Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Kilmarnock built in 1963.[4] Features notable coloured gless windaes in the west elevation and in the octagonal baptistery bi Gabriel Loire.

St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Church Edinburgh (1962) [5]

St Teresa of Lisieux,Craigmillar, Edinburgh 1962

Our Lady of Lourdes and St Patrick Catholic Church, Auchenleck, Ayrshire (1963)

St Joseph's Catholic Church, Spean Brudge (1967)

St Joseph's Church

St Martin of Tours RC Church, Turnent,East Lothian (1969).[6]

St Martin of Tours Church, Turnent

St Francis Xavier and National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes Carfin, Lanarkshire, (1973).

Secular BuildingsEedit

Ewing Building, University of Dundee, (1953) [7]

Ewing Building, University of Dundee