Gabriel Loire

Gabriel Loire (1904 -1996) wis a French stained gless artist o the twentieth century wha's extensive wirks, portraying various persons or historical scenes, appear in mony venues aroond th' world. He founded the Loire Studio in Chartres, France whilk continues tae produce stained gless windaes. Loire wis a leader in th' modern uise o "slab glass" (French: dalle de verre), whilk is muckle thicker as stronger than the stained gless technique o the middle ages.

Wirks in ScotlandEedit

The Holy Name Church, Oakley, Fife, designt by Charles W Gray (1958), notable features include the stained gless windaes, an the carvt Stations o the Cross ur by Gabriel Loire as weel. [1]

His greatest post-war wirk is in St Paul's Church, Whiteinch, Glesga (1960). It consists o 162 square metres o curved windae set in cement an embedded wi chipped gless. The main panels depict the lee o St Paul an in the side altar, panels o the Virgin on the top o the baptismal font. The church building is Category B listed. [2]

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, in Onthank, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire (1963), biggit bi airchitect Charles W Gray. [3] Lairge windae aboon the main entrance, an designed the windaes in the octagonal baptistry seen tae the right in this picture. [4]

St John's Catholic Church, Stevenston, Ayrshire, windaes depicting biblical scenes, (1963). [5]

He haes ither wirks in the Church o Our Lady o Perpetual Succour, Broomhill, Glesca (1965). [6]


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