Burnley Football Club (Inglis pronunciation: /ˈbɜrnli/), nicknamed The Clarets bi fans, is a professional Inglis fitba club based in Burnley, Lancashire, that plays in the Premier League efter winnin the EFL Championship.[1] In 1883, Burnley acame ane o the first fitba teams til become professional.[2] Acause o that, Burnley pressurit the Fitba League tae pay the fitbawers. Burnley wud play in the FA Cup fur the first time in 1885-86 an wur ane o the 12 foonder memmers o The Fitba League in 1888. Fae the 1950s till the 1970s, unner chairman Bob Lord, the club wud be kent fur its youth policie an scoutin system,[3] an wis ane o the first to mak a purpose-buildit training ground.

Burnley F.C.
Full nameBurnley Football Club
Nickname(s)The Clarets
Foondit1882; 142 years ago (1882)
GroundTurf Moor
Ground Capacity21,401
AwnerALK Capital LLC
ChairmanAlan Pace
ManagerVincent Kompany
LeaguePremier League
2022–23Championship, 1st o 24 (promotit)
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Burnley hae been champions o Ingland twa time, in 1920–21 an 1959–60, hae won the FA Cup ance, in 1913–14, an hae won the FA Charity Shield twa time, in 1960 an 1973. They hae been rinners-up in the First Division twa time, in 1919–20 an 1961–62, an FA Cup rinners-up twa time, in 1946–47 an 1961–62. Burnley are alsae ane o ainly five clubs tae hae won aw fower professional divisions o Inglis fitba, wi Wolverhampton Wanderers, Preston North End, Sheffield United an Portsmouth forby. Whan the team won the 1959–60 Football League, the toun o Burnley—wi ainly 80,000 fowk—wud acome ane of the mair wee touns to hae an English first-tier champion team.

The team hae playit hame gemmes at Turf Moor syne 1883, efter thay haed muivit fae thair original grounds at Calder Vale. The club colours o claret an blue wur adoptit afore the 1910–11 saison in respect tae the 1909-10 Fitba League champions Aston Villa. The club is nicknamed "the Clarets" acause o the kenspeckle colour o its hame shirts. Burnley's logo the nou is based on the toun's coat o arms.[4] The team hae haed a lang-standin rivalry wi neeburin club Blackburn Rovers. The clubs play against ilka-ither in the East Lancashire Derby, the auldest fitba derby.[5]

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