Aston Villa F.C.

profeesional fitbaa club based in Birmingham, England

Aston Villa Football Club (pronounced /ˈæstən ˈvɪlə/ (deprecatit template); forbye kent as Villa, The Villa an The Villans) is a Inglis professional fitbaw club based in Witton, Birmingham, that play in the Premier League. The club wis foondit in 1874 an hae played at their current hame grund, Villa Park, syne 1897. Aston Villa wis foonder members o The Fitbaa League in 1888. They wur foonder members o the Premier League in 1992 an aw. The club wis floated bi the previous awner an chairman Doug Ellis, but in 2006 fou control o the club wis acquired bi Randy Lerner.

Aston Villa
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Full nameAston Villa Football Club
Nickname(s)The Villa, The Villans, The Lions, The Claret and Blue
Short nameVilla, AVFC
FoonditMairch 1874; 150 years ago (1874-03)[1]
GroundVilla Park[2]
Ground Capacity42,682[3]
AwnerReform Acquisitions LLC
ChairmanWes Edens
ManagerDean Smith
LeaguePremier League
2022–23Premier League, 7t o 20
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

They ar ane o the auldest an sonsiemaest fitbaw clubs in Inglan, winnin the First Division Championship seiven times an the FA Cup seiven times. Villa wan the 1981–82 European Cup, ane o anerlie fower Inglis clubs tae win whit is nou the UEFA Champions League. Aston Villa haes the fowert heichmaist tot o major honours wan bi an Inglis club.

They hae a rivalry wi local rivals Birmingham City. The Seicont Ceety derby atween Aston Villa an Birmingham Ceety haes been played syne 1879. The club's traditional kit colours ar claret sarks wi sky blue sleeves, white shorts an sky blue socks. Their traditional crest is o a rampant gowd lion on a licht blae background wi the club's slogan "Prepared" underneath; a modified version o this wis adopted in 2007


The 1982 European Cup winnin squad celebrate the 25t anniversary o their win.
The Aston Villa team o 1896–97 wi the First Division Championship an the FA Cup








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