Charles Elson "Buddy" Roemer III (4 October 1943 – 17 Mey 2021) wis an American politeecian an banker. He servit as the 52nt Govrenor o Louisiana frae 1988 tae 1992. He last servit as a member o the Unitit States House o Representatives frae 1981 tae 1988.

Buddy Roemer
52nt Govrenor o Louisiana
In office
Mairc 14, 1988 – January 13, 1992
LieutenantPaul Hardy
Precedit biEdwin Edwards
Succeedit biEdwin Edwards
Member o the U.S. Hoose o Representatives
frae Louisiana's 4t destrict
In office
Januar 3, 1981 – Mairch 14, 1988
Precedit biBuddy Leach
Succeedit biJim McCrery
Personal details
BornCharles Elson Roemer, III
4 October 1943(1943-10-04)
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Dee'd17 Mey 2021(2021-05-17) (aged 77)
Poleetical pairtyReform (2012–present)[1]
Ither poleetical
Democratic (Afore 1991)[1]
Republican (1991-2012)[1]
  • Frances "Cookie" Demler, later Cookie Thomas
  • (1963-1972; div)[1]
  • Patti Crocker
  • (1973-1990; div)[1]
  • Scarlett Roemer
  • (2001-present)[2]
BairnsCaroline Roemer Shirley (with Cookie)
Chas Roemer (wi Cookie)
Dakota Frost Roemer (wi Patti)
Alma materHarvard Varsity
ReligionUnited Methodist

Roemer wis a candidate for the presidential nominations o the Republican Pairty[3] an the Reform Pairty[4] in 2012. He widrew frae thae contests an soucht the 2012 Americans Elect presidential nomination till that group annoonced it wad nae field a candidate in 2012 acause no candidate reached the required minimum threshold o support tae be leetit on its ballot.[5] Buddy Roemer endorsed Gary Johnson, a govrenor o New Mexico, for U.S. Preses in 2012.[6]

In Mairch 1991, while servin as govrenor, Roemer switchit his pairty frae the Democratic tae the Republican Pairty.[7] In 2012, he acame a member o the Reform Pairty.

Early life eedit

Roemer wis born in Shreveport, Louisiana.[8] His parents war Charles Elson "Budgie" Roemer, II an Adeline McDade.[8] He wis raisit in Bossier Ceety.[9]

In 1964, he graduatit frae Harvard College wi a Bachelor o Arts degree in economics. In 1967, he receivit an MBA in finance frae Harvard Buisness Schuil.[9] Efter college, Roemer returnit tae Louisiana tae wirk in his faither’s computer buisness an later foondit twa banks. He wis electit in 1972 as a delegate tae the Louisiana Constitutional Convention held in 1973.[10]

U.S. House o Representatives (1981-1988) eedit

As a member o Congress, Roemer Louisiana's 1st congressional destrict in the northwastren section o the state, anchorit aboot Shreveport an Bossier Ceety. Efter his 1980 election veectory, Roemer won congressional re-election wioot opposeetion in 1982, 1984, an 1986.

In Congress, Roemer frequently supportit Ronald Reagan policy initiatives an foucht wi the Democratic congressional leadership,[9] thou he remainit in the party. He an aa creeticizit then Democratic Hopse leader Tip O'Neill o Massachusetts for bein "too liberal".[11]

Efter Roemer left the Hoose tae acome govrenor, he wis succeedit bi his administrative assistant, Republican Jim McCrery.

Govrenor o Louisiana (1988-1992) eedit

Roemer speakin at a John McCain presidential rally in Louisiana, Juin 2008

Roemer wis ane o a lairge nummer o Democratic candidates tae challenge three-term incumbent governor Edwin Edwards. Roemer won the election bi winnin 33% o the vote comparit tae Edwards' 28%.

Roemer enterit the govrenor's office on 14 Mairch 1988. In October 1989, voters rejectit a nummer o Roemer tax initiatives but approvit a constitutional amendment for transportation improvements.[12] Facin a $1.3 billion deficit in the state budget, his first job wis eliminatin the deficit. Roemer callit a special session o the legislature tae push an ambitious tax an fiscal reform program for state an local govrenments. He vowit tae sleesh spendin, abolish programs, an close state-run institutions. Voters rejectit his proposals in a statewide constitutional referendum.

In Mairch 1991, Roemer switchit tae the Republican Pairty juist months afore the state elections,[13] apparently at the urgin o Bush White House Chief o Staff John H. Sununu. Roemer lost his re-election efter loosin the Republican primary tae David Duke. Duke wad suin loose tae Edwin Edwards.

Roemer left office on 13 Januar 1992. He wad run again for the Republican nomination for govrenor, but lost tae Mike Foster.

2004 U.S. Senate election eedit

In the simmer o 2004, Roemer briefly considerit enterin the race tae succeed reteerin U.S. Senator John Breaux. Roemer shortly efter decidit nae tae run for the senate.

2012 presidential campaign eedit

Roemer speakin at a Reform Pairty campaign in New Jersey, December 2011

In Januar 2011, Roemer tauld Baton Rouge televeesion station WAFB that he wis considerin a bid for the U.S. presidency in 2012.[14][15][16] On 21 Julie 2011 at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, Roemer announcit his entry as a candidate for the Republican nomination for Preses. On 30 November 2011, Roemer offeecially announcit that he wad seek the Americans Elect nomination.[17][18] On 23 Februar 2012, Roemer droppit oot o the GOP nomination tae seek the Reform Pairty's nomination.[19] On 17 Mey 2012, Americans Elect announcit that it wad nae run a candidate in the 2012 presidential elections. On 31 Mey 2012, he announcit that he wis endin his 2012 presidential campaign awthegither, citin the lack o ballot access tae be the reason[4]

2015 gubernatorial election eedit

Roemer haes nae yet annooncit on whether or nae that he will run for Govrenor o Louisiana again in 2015 tae replace Bobby Jindal.[20]

Personal life eedit

Roemer wis marrit tae Cookie Delmer till thay divorcit. Then he marrit Patti Crocker until thay divorcit. He is nou marrit tae Scarlett Roemer. Roemer haes three childer wi Delmer.

References eedit

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