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Cable News Network (CNN) is a U.S. cable news chainel foondit in 1980 bi American media mogul Ted Turner.[1][2] Upon its launch, CNN wis the first chainel tae provide 24-hour televeesion news coverage,[3] an the first aw-news televeesion chainel in the Unitit States.[4] While the news chainel haes numerous affiliates, CNN primarily broadcasts frae its heidquarters at the CNN Center in Atlanta, the Time Warner Center in New York Ceety, an studios in Washington, D.C., an Los Angeles. CNN is awned bi parent company Time Warner, an the U.S. news chainel is a diveesion o the Turner Broadcasting Seestem.[5]

Cable News Network
Launched Juin 1, 1980
Ained bi Cable News Network, Inc. (Turner Broadcastin Seestem, Inc.
(Time Warner))
Pictur format 1080i (HDTV)
480i (SDTV/16:9 letterbox)
Slogan "The Warldwide Leader in News"
"CNN = Politics"
"The Best Poleetical Team on Televeesion"
"CNN = Money"
"This is CNN"
Kintra Unitit States
Leid Inglis
Broadcast aurie Unitit States
Heidquarters CNN Center
Atlanta, Georgie
Seester channel(s) CNN Internaitional
CNN Airport Network
CNN Türk
CNN en Español
CNN Chile
Turner Classic Movies
Cartoon Network
DirecTV (USA) 202 (HD/SD)
1202 (VOD)
Dish Network (USA) 200 (HD/SD)
9436 (HD)
Bell TV (Canadae) 500 (SD)
1578 (HD)
Shaw Direct (Canadae) 140/500 (SD)
257/331 (HD)
SKY PerfecTV! (Japan) 679 (HD)
Available on maist cable seestems in the US an Canadae Check local leetins
In-hoose (Washington) 12
Verizon FiOS 600 (HD)
60 (SD)
Satellite radio
Sirius 132
XM 122
Bell Fibe TV (Canadae) 500 (HD)
1500 (SD)
AT&T U-Verse 1202 (HD)
202 (SD)
Streamin media Watch live (US cable subscribers anly)

CNN is sometimes referred tae as CNN/U.S. tae distinguish the American chainel frae its internaitional coonterpairt, CNN Internaitional. As o August 2010, CNN is available in ower 100 million U.S. hoosehaulds.[6] Broadcast coverage extends tae ower 890,000 American hotel rooms,[6] an the U.S broadcast is an aa shown in Canadae. Globally, CNN programmin airs through CNN Internaitional, which can be seen bi viewers in ower 212 kintras an territories.[7] Stairtin late 2010, the domestic version CNN/U.S., is available in heich definition tae viewers in Japan unner the name CNN HD.


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