Dish Network

Dish Network (stylised as "dish") is an American direct-broadcast satellite service provider. The company provides satellite televeesion, satellite Internet access, audio programmin, an interactive telly services tae commercial an residential customers in the Unitit States.

Dish Network L.L.C.
NASDAQ-100 Component
IndustrieSatellite Televeesion
Foondit1980; 43 years ago (1980)
FoonderCharlie Ergen
Jim DeFranco
Candy Ergen
HeidquartersMeridian, Colorado, U.S.
Aurie served
Unitit States
Key fowk
Charlie Ergen
(Chairman & CEO)
Jim DeFranco
(EVP an Director)
W. Erik Carlson
(Preses & COO)
ProductsDirect-broadcast satellite, Pay televeesion, Pay-per-view
RevenueIncrease US$ 15.1 billion (2015)[1]
Decrease US$ 1.3 billion (2015)[1]
ProfitDecrease US$ 747 million (2015)[1]
Tot assetsIncrease US$ 22.9 billion (2015)[1]
Tot equityIncrease US$ 2.7 billion (2015)[1]
Nummer o employees
18,000 (2015)[1]
DBSD North America
Liberty Bell Telecom
Sling TV
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