Barysaw (Belaroushie: Бары́саў [baˈrɨsau̯]; Roushie: Бори́сов, Borisov; Pols: Borysów; Lithuanie: Borisovas) (population 150,700 as o 1999), transliteratit Barysau, is a ceety in Belaroushie situatit near the Berezina River in the Minsk Region.


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Banner o Barysaw
Barysaw is located in Belaroushie
Location o Barysaw
Coordinates: 54°14′N 28°30′E / 54.233°N 28.500°E / 54.233; 28.500
Kintra Belaroushie
RegionMinsk Region
RaionBarysaw Raion
 • Total150,700
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Area code(s)+375 01777

History eedit

Barysaw is first mentioned in Laurentian Codex as bein foondit (as Borisov) in 1102 bi Polotsk prince Boris Vseslavovich. Durin the next couple o centuries it wis burned an then rebuilt slichtly sooth o its oreeginal location.

At the end o thirteent century it became a pairt o the Grand Duchy o Lithuanie. In 1569 (efter the Union o Lublin) it became pairt o the Pols–Lithuanie Commonwalth, an then became pairt o the Roushie Empire in 1793 as a result o the Seicont Pairtition o Poland).

On 22 Januar 1796 the toun's coat o airms wis established (decree #17435) bi Stanislaw August, the tap hauf containin the coat o airms o Minsk, while the lawer hauf haed twa stylized touers on a siller backgrund wi a passage atween them an Saunt Peter abuin the touers hauldin a key in his haund. At that time, Borisow wis an uyezd toun.

In 1812 Napoleon's troops wur defeatit while crossin the Berezina river, wi some o the action takkin place at the nearbi Hospital Hichts. This event wis reenactit bi medieval militar amateurs durin toun festivals. A cannon frae the Napoleonic era is kept near toun's museum.

In 1871, the railwa atween Brest an Moscow passed near Barysaw, an a station wis biggit thare. In 1900 the aurie aroond the station wis annexed tae Barysaw. In November 1917 the aurie became a pairt o the Soviet Union but wis occupee'd bi Germany an then Poland frae 1918 till 1920 efter which the Belaroushie Soviet Socialist Republic wis established.

Durin Warld War II, Barysaw wis occupee'd bi Nazi Germany frae 2 Julie 1941, tae 1 Julie 1944, an maist o the ceety wis destroyed. Mair nor 33,000 fowk wur killed in sax daith camps which wur constructit aroond the toun.

Industrie eedit

Efter the war Barysaw became a major industrial centre, an as o 2002 thare are 41 lairge factories, whose goods are exportit tae Roushie, the CUS, an abroad. The railwey is still an important artery, but nou it is powered bi owerheid electric lines.

Leeist o industries: Borisov Plant o Motor-an-Tractor Electric Machinery, Borisov Plant Avtogydrousilitel, Borisov Aggregate Wirks, the Ekran Company, Dzerzhynski Crystal Wirks, Borisov Plastics Plant, the 140th Repair Wirks, the 2566t Plant on Radioelectronics Equipment Maintenance, the Rezinotekhnika Company, Borisov Meat Packing Plant, Borisov Plant o Polymer Package Polimiz, the Belarusian-German jynt ventur Frebor, the Lesokhimik Company, the Metallist Company, the Paper Factory o the state emblem department unner the Finance Ministry o the Republic o Belarus, the Borisovdrev Company, the Borisovkhlebprom Company, Borisov Bakery, Borisov Sewing Factory, the Shveinik Company, Kischenko Crafts Factory, Borisov Dairy, Borisov Tinned Plant, others. The tot industrial staff reaches 31019 fowk.[1]

The lairgest factories, in nae pairticular order, are:

  • BATE (electricity automobile pairts)
  • AGU (avto-gidro-usilitelpouer steerin in Roushie)
  • Pharmaceutical plant (medpreparatov)
  • Turbocompressors plant (agregatov)
  • match factory (Borisovdrev)
  • BoriMak (factory producin pasta, spaghetti)
  • Zdravushka (Dairy products)
  • Rezinotechnika (Rubber factory)
  • Meat processin factory
  • DOC (Firth products manufactury)

Modren livin eedit

Prospect Revolutsii

Toun is dividit bi river tae Auld an New pairts connectit bi twa brigs. Railwey station, internaition road, Ispolkom (ex-KPSS Gorispolkom), militar staff an central place are in the New pairt. As uisual for this region, faimilies live maistly in flats in lairge, modren apairtment biggins, but thare are some single-faimily hames on the ootskirts, some o which dae no yet hae indoor plumbin. The watter comes frae an artesian well an is vera clean an healthy.

Authorities eedit

  • Preses o the Republic o Belaroushie Alexander Lukashenko 9 Januar 2009 haes assigned Vladimir Miranovich tae the poseetion o Heid o Regional Admeenistration (Ispolkom).[2]
  • Heid o Ceety Admeenistration, or Mayor, is Vassily Burgun [3]

Media eedit

  • “Borisovskiye Novosti” newspaper: privately awned unthrild media on baith leids. A recent scandal relatit tae an attempt bi the Mayor tae stap distribution o the paper, recently owerturned bi a court [4]
  • Offeecial “Adzinstva” newspaper in Belarussian.
  • Local TV company "Skif" (website Archived 2012-11-03 at the Wayback Machine)

Notable residents eedit

Sport eedit

Main sport steids: 2 stadiums, 3 soummin puils, 14 shuitin galleries, 8 sportsgrunds

Fitbaa team FC BATE are based in the ceety. Thay hae wan the Belaroushie Premier League aicht times, an competit in the UEFA Cup an UEFA Champions League. Thare is a famous basketbaw team Berezina-RCOR an aw. European basketbaw championship for weemen (diveesion B) wis organisit in Borisov.

Football Stadium BATE

Sister ceeties eedit

References eedit

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