Astara is the soothmaist rayon in sootheastren Azerbaijan.

Location o Astara Rayon in Azerbaijan

General information eedit

Astara Rayon wis established in 1930. In 1963, it wis abolished as rayon an its territory incorporatit intae Lankaran Rayon an in 1965, its admeenistrative rayon status wis restored. Oweraw aurie o the rayon is 616.4 km2 (238.0 sq mi). Its population is 95,300 fowk.[1] The rayon caipital, Astara is a sma picturesque Caspian port toun, on the Azerbaijan-Iran border, caipital o Azerbaijan's soothmaist rayon. Comin soothbund frae Lankaran, thare is a giant samovar bi the road walcomin visitors tae the rayon. Astara rayon is vera woodit wi 37,000 ha (370 km2) o forests. Famous Juglans sigillata is a commonplace in Astara woods. Astarachay an Tangarud rivers that flow through the rayon start at Talysh Muntains which are in the wastren pairt o the rayon. Heichest peaks are 200 m (660 ft) abuin sea level. The northeastren pairt o the rayon is lawlands. A pairt o the Hirkan National Park is locatit in Astara rayon. Istisu, Ağ körppü, Sım, Bi, Toradi, Şeyx Nəsrullah resorts o Astara hae treatin mineral watter.[2] Average temperature is -1.5◦ C - 4◦C in Januar,15-25◦C in Julie. Annual rainfall is 1200–1750 mm.[1]

Etymology eedit

Thare are twa main theories for the etymology o the ceety's name. Ane is that it derived frae the Persie or Talysh wird آهسته رو (Aste-ro or Aheste-ro), meaning "the place whaur the travel gets slower" (gien the mairshlands that surroondit the region afore).[3] The auldest theory comes frae Vedic sangs an writins which explains Astara as a place whaur the rays o lichts shine frae ahint tae licht the pathways aheid.

Airchitectural monuments eedit

Thare are ower 400 historical an airchitectural monuments in the rayon, amang them a touer in Şindan veelage aften cried Babek touer amang the fowk, auncient touer in Nudis veelage, Məşədi Abutalıb bath hoose, Hajı Teymur an Haji Jahanbakhish mosques in Pensər veelage, tomb in Şahağac veelage, Karbalayi Hamid Abdulla bath hoose in Ərçivan veelage. Ərçivan veelage is rich wi famous sulphur-rich springs an aw, which if ignitit lichts up. In addition, auncient fortress gates, 7t century tomb, caravanserai, stane monuments pertainin tae Stane an Bronze Ages in Qapıçıməhəllə veelage, ruins o 8t century brigs in Sipiyəpart, LominPəlikəş veelages are a major tourist attraction.[2]

Economy eedit

Astara is a major soorce for Azerbaijan's fishin industry. Haein a lang coastline an inner access tae rivers, the rayon haes access tae mony types o mercatable fish.[2] It is an important transit point for aw kynds o guids, as the numerous lorries at the border well illustrate. The pipeline comin frae Abadan enters Azerbaijan in Astara an aw.

Demographics eedit

  • Religion: Maistly Islam (Shia Islam)
  • Ethnic groups:95% Azerbaijani, 5% Talysh
  • Leid: Azeri leid

Travellin eedit

The toun haes a border crossin intae Iran, wi the Iranian hauf o the toun, cried Astara an aw, on the ither side o the river Astara. The Baku tae Tehran bus stops in Astara.

References eedit

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Coordinates: 38°30′N 48°40′E / 38.500°N 48.667°E / 38.500; 48.667