Astara, Azerbaijan

Astara, an aa, Azerbaydzhanskaya Astara (Roushie: Азербайджанская Астара) is a ceety in an the caipital o the Astara Rayon o Azerbaijan. Astara is a short walk athort the border frae Astara, Iran.

Road sign at the entrance to Astara city

The TV Touer Eedit

There is a 243.9 metre tall lattice steel TV touer, built in 1981. This touer is unusually designed: its pinnacle is guyed tae a horizontal cross-like steel structur.[1]

Economy Eedit

Locatit next tae the Iranian border, Astara attracts numerous visitors frae sooth o the border, comin tae the Republic o Azerbaijan tae purchase guids an services that mey no be as readily available on the Iranian side.[2]

Transport Eedit

Astara is currently served bi a broad gauge railway anerlie heidit north. A staundart gauge connection tae the Iranian railway netwirk alang the shore o the Caspian Sea is planned. This break o gauge station is likely tae be equipped wi bogie exchynge an SUW 2000 variable gauge axle track gauge chyngin facility.

Notable natives Eedit

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Notes Eedit

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Coordinates: 38°27′22″N 48°52′43″E / 38.45611°N 48.87861°E / 38.45611; 48.87861

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