Flouerin plant

(Reguidit frae Angiosperms)

The flouerin plants (angiosperms), kent as Angiospermae Lindl.[5][6] or Magnoliophyta an aa, are the maist diverse group o land plants. Angiosperms are seed-producin plants lik the gymnosperms an can be distinguished frae the gymnosperms bi a series o synapomorphies (derived characteristics). Thir characteristics include flouers, endosperm within the seeds, an the production o fruits that contain the seeds. Etymologically, angiosperm means a plant that produces seeds within an enclosur; thay are fruitin plants, altho mair commonly referred tae as flouerin plants.

Flouerin plants
Temporal range: Early Cretaceouspresent, 130–0 Ma
Possible Early Jurassic record
Diversity o angiosperms
Scientific classification e
Kinrick: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Groups (APG IV)[1]


Basal angiosperms

Core angiosperms



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