In a shap, a fruit is ony fleshy, sweet plaunt growthe. In botany, a fruit is a plaunt structur that conteens its seeds. The wird fruit is uised anerly gif it comes frae the pairt o the flouer that wis a ovary.[1] It is a extrae layer roond the seeds that micht or michtna be fleshy. Houaniver, even in botany, thare isna general greeance on hou fruits shoud be clessifeed. Mony dae hae extrae layers frae ither pairts o the flouer.[2]

Diagram o a flouer, cut apen, shaws whaur the ovary is

Botanical fruits


The botanical term includes mony that arena "fruits" in the common sense o the term, sic as the vegetables squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, tomato, pease, beans, corn, eggplaunt, an sweet pepper an some spices, sic as allspice an chillies.

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