A seed is a smaa embryonic plant enclosed in a coverin cried the seed coat, uisually wi some stored fuid. It is the product o the ripened ovule o gymnosperm an angiosperm plants which occurs efter fertilization an some growth within the mither plant. The furmation o the seed completes the process o reproduction in seed plants (stairtit wi the development o flouers an pollination), wi the embryo developed frae the zygote an the seed coat frae the integuments o the ovule. Aw seeds are different size, shape an colour.

Broun flax seeds

Seeds hae been an important development in the reproduction an spread o flouerin plants, relative tae mair primitive plants such as mosses, ferns an liverworts, which dae nae hae seeds an uise ither means tae propagate themselves. This can be seen bi the success o seed plants (baith gymnosperms an angiosperms) in dominatin biological niches on land, frae forests tae grasslands baith in het an cauld climates.

The term "seed" an aa haes a general meanin that antedates the abuin—onythin that can be sown, e.g. "seed" tatties, "seeds" o corn or sunflouer "seeds". In the case o sunflouer an corn "seeds", whit is sown is the seed enclosed in a shell or husk, whauras the tattie is a tuber.