A flouer, whiles cried a bluim, is a pairt o a plaunt. Whiles a flouer micht can hae a stem – a thin 'pipe' – for tae support the flouer. Flouers haena got ony petals. The wird "flouer" is for ordinar anerly uised for tae descrieve the pairt that maks seeds.


In mony plaunts, a flouer is its maist colourfu pairt. We say the plaunt 'flouers', 'is flouerin' or 'is in flouer' whan this colourfu pairt begins tae growe mair muckle an open oot.

Thare are mony different kinds o flouers in different areas in the warld. Even in the caldest places, for ensaumple the Airctic, flouers can growe durin a wheen o months.