Andranik Madadian

Iranian sangster

Andranik Madadian (Persie: آندرانیک مددیان‎, Armenie: Անդրանիկ Մադադյան), better kent bi his stage name, Andy (Persie: اندی‎, Armenie: Էնդի), is a famous Iranian-Armenie sangster-sangwriter.[1] He is a naturalisit American an currently lives in Los Angeles, Californie.

Andranik Madadian
Andy at a Washington, DC concert, Januar 2009
Background information
Native nameاندی
Forby kent asAndy
BornTehran, Iran
GenresDance, dance pop, pop, rock, soft rock
ThriftSangster, sangwriter, actor
InstrumentsGuitar, bass guitar
Years active1985-present
LabelsPars Video, Caltex,
Taraneh, Avang Music, Cherokee Music Group

Career eedit

Duo in Andy & Kouros eedit

Andy made it big when he joined Kouros Shahmiri an thegither formit a successful duo Andy & Kouros.

Andy & Kouros released 4 albums thegither: Khastegary (1985), Parvaz (1988), the hugely successful album Balla!, an feenally Goodbye (1991). The twa split in 1992, wi baith Andy an Kouros goin on tae hae successful individual solo careers. The twa reunitit several times efter that point. In 2002 an 2004 they performit thegither for a sauld-oot audience in San Jose, Californie. In 2009, Andy & Kouros they went on an internaitional tour thegither in the Iranian diaspora, an performit thegither again in Mey 2010. They appeared thegither on a muisic video bi Farez remakin their hit "Niloufar" an aw.

Solo career eedit

Andy haes released 15 albums as a solo airtist.

Ither collaborations eedit

On 24 Juin 2009, Andy, Richie Sambora an Jon Bon Jovi recordit a version o the Leiber an Stoller staundart Stand by Me,[2] describitd bi producer Don Was as a "warldwide solidarity wi the fowk o Iran". The Persie introduction is done bi baith Andy an Jon Bon Jovi, as well as the rest o the sang which continues in Inglis. The record wis producit bi Don Was an John Shanks an wis registered at Henson Studio C, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Californie.

Discografie eedit

Andy & Kouros eedit

Year Title Notable Tracks Notes
1985 Khastegary Three of us
Duo album
1988 Parvaz Chi Mishod
Duo album
1990 Balla! Balla
Sheytoon bala
Khodaye Asemoonha
Don't Go Away
Duo album
1991 Goodbye Strange Love
Duo album

Andy eedit

Year Title Notable Tracks Notes
1992 Beegharar * Beegharar
* Entezar
* Dokhtar Irooni
* Shaytanat
* Ghasre Kaghazi
* Shabgard
First solo album
1993 Laili * Yeh Roozi Tange Ghoroobe Asemoon Collaboration — featurin Bijan Mortazavi an Hassan Shamaizadeh
1994 Tanhaee * Tanhaee
* Cheshmaye Naaz
* Naaze Naaz
Solo album
1996 Devoted * Sarsepordeh
* Dokhtare Bandar
* Peike navid
Solo album
1998 Silk Road * Az Khod Gozashteh
* Orere Seero
* Melli Poosha
Solo album
1999 Ghahremanane Vatan * Ghahremanane Vatan Collaboration / Single — featurin Leila Forouhar an Dariush
1999 Nune * Chera Ashegh Shodam Single
2000 And My Heart... * Yalla
* Rayhan
Solo album — includin 7 sangs in Persie, 1 in Inglis, 1 in Spainyie, 1 in Armenie, 1 in Arabic, an 1 in Hindi
2000 And My Heart... * Yalla
* Rayhan
* Hotel California
Solo album — American Edition - includin 7 sangs in Persian, 3 in Inglis, 2 in Spainyie, 2 in Armenie, 1 in Arabic, an 1 in Hindi, a Persie version o the Eagles' Hotel California is added.
2001 Yaran Collaboration — featurin Pyruz, Paksima, an Hamid Nadiri
2002 Khalvate Man * Negahe avval
* Shaghayegh
Solo album — includin 4 remixes o the 2000-hit Rayhan
2003 Orere Seero * Orere Seero
* Garoun Garouneh
Solo album — Andy's first aw-Armenie album
2004 Platinum * Veda
* Salame Asheghouneh
* Ghesseye Baran
Solo album — Salame Asheqouneh an Leiliye Sahraei are featured in the Oscar nominatit motion pictur House of Sand and Fog.
2006 City of Angels * Mohem Nabood
* Gole Bandar
* Daram Miram Beh Tehran
Solo album — 11 oreeginal sangs an 5 remixes on 2 CDs, a cover o the sang Marde Tanha oreeginally sung bi Farhad as well as a remix by Nami are found on the first an seicont CD, respectively. An editit version o the sang Tanine Solh written bi Leila Kasra an sung bi Andy, Kouros, Fataneh, Moein, Morteza, an Hayedeh is done. Daram Miram Beh Tehran is featured as the soondtrack o the animatit film Babak an Friends - A First Norooz.
2007 Airport * Foroudgah
* Deltang
* Zamooneh
Solo album — 13 oreeginal sangs an 3 remixes

Videos/DVDs eedit

  • The Journey
  • Orere Seero
  • Platinum
  • City of Angels
  • Balla!
  • Andy Live at the Kodak Theatre

Filmografie eedit

Year Title Role
2003 Irangeles Andy
2003 House of Sand and Fog Weddin Sangster
2005 The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam Ali Ben-Sabbah
2010 Lost Journey: Lost Journey mr.zand

Personal life eedit

Andy marriet his langtime girlfriend an airtist Shani on 11 November 2011.[3]

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References eedit

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