Alicia Villarreal

Mexican singer

Martha Alicia Villarreal Esparza (born 31 August 1971, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico) is a Mexican Latin Grammy awaird-winnin sangster.

Alicia Villarreal
Alicia Villarreal - Vive Grupero 2010.jpg
Villarreal performing in 2010
Background information
Birth nameMartha Alicia Villarreal Esparza
Born (1971-08-31) 31 August 1971 (age 49)
OreiginMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Years active1995–Present
Associate actsGrupo Límite, Cruz Martínez


Villarreal first performit the sang Mundo De Juguetes at Pipo, a local TV show her parents teuk her tae. Her first profeesional performance wis at a kirk fundraiser.

In 1995, Grupo Límite, wi her as lead sangster, stairtit tourin wi the mair famous Grupo Bronco. Amang their sangs wur "Acariciame", "Te Aprovechas" an "Solo Contigo". Grupo Limite released sax albums aathegether, includin a live CD recordit in Mexico Ceety.

In 2001, Villarreal released her first solo album in the ranchera style titled Soy Lo Prohibido, which featured the single Te Quedo Grande la Yegua.

In 2004, efter pairtin weys wi her baundmates, she released her seicont solo album entitled Cuando el Corazón se Cruza. The album wis producit bi her current husband, Cruz Martínez, an they wrote several o the sangs thegither. The album haes garnered her several awairds.

Alicia Villarreal performit for the heichly televisit Selena Vive, whaur she performit Si Una Vez. She later released this sang alang wi 2 ither new sangs Punalada Trapera an Ya No Hay Amor on a dual disc o the album Cuando El Corazón Se Cruza. The dual disc contained 5 remixes tae her previous sangs an aw an a collection o aw her muisic videos. The dual disc wis released in Mexico in 2005.

In 2006, she released her third solo album titled Orgullo De Mujer wi the lead single Insensible a Ti. The single wis the theme sang for the telenovela Duelo de Pasiones, on which she made her actin debut, in the role o Raquel.

Efter nearly a three year hiatus, Villarreal annooncit she is in the studio recordin her 4t solo album. This, entitled La Jefa, wis released 23 Juin 2009, wi the lead single titled "Caso Perdido". The album debuted at nummer ane on Billboard's Regional Mexican Albums an oweraw at nummer foweur on its Latin Albums chairt. La Jefa haes receivit mixed reviews frae creetics, an "Caso Perdido" did no achieve the same success as prior single releases.

Villarreal is currently wirkin on a new album due in 2011.

Personal lifeEedit

Villarreal haed a dochter, Melanie Aidée, in 1999 wi Arturo Carmona.[1] She is currently marriet tae Cruz Martínez, awner/producer o Los Super Reyes. In Dizember 2005, she gave birth first son, Cruz Angelo. In Februar 2007, she gave birth tae anither son, Felix Estefano.

On 10 October 2009 her brither José Víctor Villarreal Esparza, who wis 36 year auld, wis killed in a caur accident in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.


Solo albums an singlesEedit

Soy Lo Prohibido
  • Released: 11 September 2001 (U.S. Release)
  • Singles:
    • "Ladrón"
    • "Te Quedó Grande La Yegua"
    • "Acompañame"
Cuando el Corazón Se Cruza
  • Released: 16 Mairch 2004
  • Singles:
    • "No, Oh, Oh (La Suegra)"
    • "La Que Baje la Guardia "
    • "Tu Ausencia" featuring David Bisbal"
    • "Soy Tu Mujer"
Cuando el Corazon Se Cruza (Dualdisc Special Edition)
  • Released: 22 November 2005
  • Singles:
    • "No, Oh, Oh (La Suegra)"
    • "La Que Baje la Guardia "
    • "Tu Ausencia" featurin David Bisbal"
    • "Soy Tu Mujer"
Orgullo de Mujer
  • Released: 18 Aprilie 2006
    • "Insensible a Ti"
La Jefa
  • Released: 23 Juin 2009
    • "Caso Perdido"

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