Alexander Vinnikov

Russian politician

Alexander Aronovich Vinnikov (Roushie: Александр Аронович Винников, born 6 October 1955 in Khabarovsk Krai) is a Roushie politeecian an presently the govrenor o the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.[1][2]

Dmitry Medvedev an Alexander Vinnikov

Poleetical history


Alexander Vinnikov wis the mayor o Birobidzhan, the caipital o the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.[3][4] The 2004 Birobidzhan mayoral election wis held durin the same time as the Roushie presidential election, 2004. On 14 Mairch 2004, Alexander Vinnikov, the incumbent, facit professor Miron Fishbeyn, an Aleksandr Kurdyukov o the Birobidzhan municipal admeenistration. Alexander Vinnikov wan the election.[5]

Jewish commonty


Alexander Vinnikov is Jewish. His faimily arrivit in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in 1947 frae Belaroushie.[6] In 2004, as mayor, he pairticipatit in the openin o the new Chabad Hoose an Birobidzhan Synagogue in Birobidzhan.[7] As memmer o the local kehilla,[8] durin the December o 2005 caunle-lichtin o a Hanukkah Menorah, Alexander Vinnikov lit the 'shamash' caunle an passed it tae the Chief Rabbi o the Jewish Autonomous Oblast an Chabad Lubavich representative, Mordechai Scheiner.[9]



Accordin tae Interfax, "Lawmakers in Roushie's Jewish Autonomous Region hae confirmit the appointment o Alexander Vinnikov as the region's new govrenor. Vinnikov, who wis nominatit tae the post bi Roushie Preses Dmitry Medvedev on 8 Februar wis supportit bi 13 deputies oot o a total o 16."[1]

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