Alci Acosta

Alci Acosta (born Alcibiades Alfonso Acosta Cervantes on 5 November 1938) is a Colombie sangster, pianist, an performer o Laitin American muisic includin boleros, pasillos, corridos, valses, an rancheras.

Alci Acosta
Birth nameAlcibiades Alfonso Acosta Cervantes
Forby kent asAlci Acosta
Born5 November 1938(1938-11-05)
Soledad, Atlántico, Colombie
Genresbolero, pasillo, corrido, valse, ranchera
Instrumentspiano, vocals
Associate actsJulio Jaramillo

Acosta is a hugely successful airtist throuoot Laitin Americae haein pairtnered wi ither notable airtists such as Ecuadorian sangster, Julio Jaramillo, who dee'd in 1978.

Acosta's best-sellin single is "Traicionera" which haes sauld ower 1,300,000 copies athort Laitin Americae.[1] Other notable hits are "La Cárcel De Sing Sing", "La Copa Rota", "Hola Soledad", "Tango Negro", "Señora Bonita", "El Preso Número 9", and "El Contragolpe".[2]

Acosta haes released numerous albums ower his career includin Tropicales Ilegales, 16 Éxitos De Oro, Mis Mejores Canciones, an Solo Hits (a compilation o hit singles).

Acosta is the faither o sangster, Checo Acosta (born on 14 Juin 1965).[3]


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