Admeenistrative units o Pakistan

The admeenistrative units o Pakistan consist o fower provinces, ane federal caipital territory, twa autonomous territories an a group o federally admeenistered tribal auries.[1] Belaw this top tier, there are fower mair tiers o govrenment includin 27 diveesions, mair nor a hunder destricts (zillas), mair nor fower hunder sub-destricts cried tehsils, an several thoosan union cooncils.

Structur o admeenistrative unitsEedit

Pakistan's admeenistrative units are as follaes: Template:Pakistan Administrative Units Image Map

No. Admeenistrative unit Local name Caipital Population[2] Aurie (km²)[2] Population density
(inh. per km²)
1 Balochistan (province) بلوچستان Quetta 4.8% 39.3% 18.9  
2 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (province) خیبرپختونخوا Peshawar 12.9% 8.5% 238.1  
3 Punjab (province) پنجاب Lahore 53.7% 23.3% 358.5  
4 Sindh (province) سنڌ سندھ Karachi 22.2% 16.0% 216  
5 Islamabad Caipital Territory وفاقی دارالحکومت Islamabad 0.6% 0.1% 888.8  
6 Federally Admeenistered Tribal Auries وفاقی قبائلی علاقہ جات Peshawar 2.3% 3.1% 116.7  
7 Azad Kashmir آزاد کشمیر Muzaffarabad 2.2%[3] 1.5%[3] 223.6  
8 Gilgit-Baltistan گلگت - بلتستان‬ གིལྒིཏ་བལྟིསྟན Gilgit 1.3% 8.2% 24.8  
Pakistan پاکستان Islamabad 182,000,000 881,889 ??

The provinces are dividit intae 105 destricts cried (zillahs) (Urdu: ضلع‎). Zillahs are further subdividit intae sub-destricts cried tehsils (Urdu: تحصیل‎) (roughly equivalent tae coonties). Tehsils are uised in aw provinces except in Sindh province whare the term taluka (Urdu: تعلقہ‎) predominates. Tehsils mey contain veellages or municipalities. Pakistan haes ower five thoosan local govrenments. Syne 2001, these hae been led bi democratically electit local cooncils, each heidit bi a Nazim (Urdu: ناظم‎) (the wird means "supervisor" in Urdu, but is sometimes translatit as Mayor). Weemen hae been allottit a minimum o 33% seats in these cooncils; thare is nae upper limit tae the number o weemen in these cooncils. Some destricts, incorporatin lairge metropolitan auries, are cried Ceety Destrict. A Ceety Destrict mey contain subdiveesions cried Touns an Union Cooncils.

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