Azad Kashmir

Azad Jammu an Kashmir (Urdu: آزاد جموں و کشمیر‎, Azaad Jammu o- Kashmir, literally Free Jammu an Kashmir ; AJK) or Azad Kashmir (literally Free Kashmir) for short, is the soothmaist poleetical entity athin the Pakistani-admeenistered pairt o the umwhile princely state o Jammu an Kashmir. It borders the present-day Indie-controlled state o Jammu an Kashmir tae the east (separatit frae it bi the Line o Control), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tae the wast, Gilgit-Baltistan tae the north, an the Punjab province tae the sooth. Wi its caipital at Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir covers an aurie o 13,297 square kilometre (5,134 sq mi) an haes an estimatit population o aboot foer million. Azad Kashmir an Gilgit-Baltistan thegether constitute the distputit[2] region, referred tae as Pakistan-admeenistered Kashmir bi the Unitit Naitions[3][4] an ither internaitional organisations, an as Pakistan-occupeed Kashmir in Indie[5] in contrast tae the name Indie-occupeed Kashmir which is gien tae the Indie admeenistered Jammu an Kashmir bi Pakistan. The territories hae been unner control o the twa kintras syne the first Kashmir war efter which Azad Kashmir wis successfully captured frae the princely state bi the rebellin militias wi the help o Pakistan Airmy.

Azad Jammu an Kashmir (AJK)

آزاد جموں و کشمیر
Azaad Jammu o Kashmir
Banner o Azad Jammu an Kashmir (AJK)
Official seal of Azad Jammu an Kashmir (AJK)
Location o Azad Jammu an Kashmir (AJK)
Location o Azad Jammu an Kashmir (AJK)
Coordinates: 34°13′N 73°17′E / 34.22°N 73.28°E / 34.22; 73.28
Lairgest ceetyMirpur
 • TeepSel-govrenin state unner Pakistani control[1]
 • BodiLegislative Assembly
 • PresidentSardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan
 • Prime MeenisterChaudhry Abdul Majeed
 • Total13,297 km2 (5,134 sq mi)
 (2008; est.)
 • Total4,567,982
 • Density340/km2 (890/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PKT)
ISO 3166 codePK-JK
Main Leid(s)
Assembly seats49
Union Cooncils182
State symbols of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
State ainimal Largest Red Deer.jpg
State bird Lophophorus impejanus (Himalayan Monal) 3.JPG
State tree Platanus orientalis tree.JPG
State flouer Rhododendron pontica-1.jpg
State sport Fairy meadows polo match.jpg


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