Whaur tae ask quaistions or mak comments

Walcome tae Wikipaedia! This page leets some locations whaur ye can ask quaistens or mak comments. Ance ye hae chosen an appropriate place tae ask yer quaisten, follae the instructions on hou tae post yer quaisten. A helpfu volunteer will answer yer question shortly. Please note that misplaced questions mey nae be answered quickly.

For a comprehensive directory o interactive services an assistance that can be requestit on Wikipaedia, see Request depairtments.

Factual questions

  • The Reference Desk is lik a librar reference desk whaur ye can ask quaistens aboot ony topic except Wikipaedia itself. The editors thare will try tae answer yer questions, or pynt ye in the direction o the information you need.
e.g. "What country has the world's largest fishing fleet?"
If ye are unsur o the exact aurie uise Miscellaneous.

Comments aboot specific articles

  • Each airticle haes its ain collogue page tae ask quaistens or mak constructive comments regardin its content, when ye are viewin the airticle, juist click on the collogue tab at the tap o the page. Bear in mynd, however, that Wikipaedia is nae a forum for discussion aboot the topics o airticles – comments should be leemitit tae the airticle's content.

Quaistions aboot uising and contributing to Wikipedia

Yer question micht already be answered in the Frequently Asked Quaistions, itherwise:

  • The Mercat Cross is the forum for discussion o mair complex project-wide technical issues, policies, proponals, an operations o Wikipaedia.

Personal help on yer collogue page

Contact Wikipedia

  • Contact us is a page that describes hou an whaur tae contact Wikipaedia directly for a variety o raisons.