Administrators are Wikipedians that hae "sysop richts". The Scots Wikipedia administrators ar waled bi commonity consensus ower at Wikipedia:Requests for adminship. Thay ar established editors that hae the trust o the commonity.

The administrators o this wiki ar: (verify)

Admin RfA
AmaryllisGardener RfA
CiphriusKane RfA

Pouers o Adminship


The pouers o adminship is:

  • deletin an restorin pages
  • flittin pages ower anes that's awreadies there
  • blockin an unblockin uisers
  • haein the pouer tae edit restrictit pages like Special:AllMessages
  • bein able tae rowback vandalised pages wi ae dab on the moose
  • fendin an unfendin pages

Note that ye hiv tae be a registert uiser tae be an admin -- anonymous IPs canna get admin pouers for obvious raisons.

"This shoud be no big deal," as Jimmy Wales haes said.