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(Scots) Hello! A'm AmaryllisGardener, an A help mainteen this wiki! A hae been here syne Februar 2013, an syne late 2013 A hae been the main active admeenistrator here. A'm an aw active on the Inglis Wikipaedia, as weel as Wikidata, whaur A am an admeenistrator. Apairt frae Wikipaedia, A'm a Christian, a North Carolinian, a furry, an INTP.

(English) Hello! I'm AmaryllisGardener, and I help maintain this wiki! I have been here since February 2013, and since late 2013 I have been the main active administrator here. I'm also active on the English Wikipedia, as well as Wikidata, where I am an administrator. Apart from Wikipedia, I'm a Christian, a North Carolinian, a furry, and an INTP.

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