Warld Heritage Steid

(Reguidit frae Warld Heritage Steids)

A UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid is a place (like a wid, muntain, loch, island, desert, monument, biggin, complex, or ceety) that is leetit bi the UNESCO as o special cultural or pheesical signeeficance.[1] The leet is maintained bi the internaitional Warld Heritage Programme admeenistered bi the UNESCO Warld Heritage Committee, componed o 21 states' pairties[2] that is elect bi thair General Assembly.[3]

List ae Warld Heritage Steids in ScotlandEedit

  1. St. Kilda
  2. Edinburgh Old Town and New Town
  3. The Heart of Neolithic Orkney
  4. New Lanark
  5. The Antonine Wall
  6. The Forth Bridge


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