Vidin Province (Bulgarie: Област Видин) is the northwastmaist province o Bulgarie. It borders Serbie tae the wast an Romanie tae the northeast. Its admeenistrative centre is the ceety o Vidin on the Danube river. The aurie is dividit intae 11 municipalities. As o December 2009, the province haes a population o 108,067 inhabitants.[1][2][3]

Vidin Province

Област Видин
Location o Vidin Province in Bulgarie
Location o Vidin Province in Bulgarie
 • Total3,032.9 km2 (1,171.0 sq mi)
 (2011 [1][2][3])
 • Tot101,018
 • Density33/km2 (86/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
License plateBH

There are remains o mony castles, some o which are Baba Vida, ane o the last Bulgarie stranghaulds durin the Ottoman invasion an the Belogradchik fortress.


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The Vidin Province contains 11 municipalities (singular: община, obshtina - plural: общини, obshtini). The follaeing table shows the names o each municipality in Inglis an Cyrillic, the main toun (in bauld) or veelage, an the population o each as o December 2009.

Municipality Cyrillic Pop.[1][2][3] Toun/Veelage Pop.[2][4][5][6]
Belogradchik Белоградчик 7,045 Belogradchik 5,334
Boynitsa Бойница 1,717 Boynitsa 595
Bregovo Брегово 6,168 Bregovo 2,592
Vidin Видин 66,126 Vidin 49,471
Gramada Грамада 2,384 Gramada 1,647
Dimovo Димово 7,175 Dimovo 1,211
Kula Кула 4,958 Kula 3,287
Makresh Макреш 1,938 Makresh 473
Novo Selo Ново Село 3,381 Novo Selo 1,144
Ruzhintsi Ружинци 4,890 Ruzhintsi 915
Chuprene Чупрене 2,285 Chuprene 576


Baba Vida fortress in Vidin

The territory o the province includes the maist wastren pairts o the Danubian Plain an Stara Planina, while the Danube forms the border wi Romanie. The slopes o Stara Planina are covered wi dense forests, lush meadaes an boasts the majestic rock phenomena, the Belogradchik Rocks. There are aroond 80 caves situatit close tae the border wi Serbie, the maist famous being the Magura Cave, which kent with its cave paintin frae 10,000 BC. There is a lake in the proximity o the cave an aw.


The Belogradchik Rocks

The Vidin province haed a population o 130,074 accordin tae a 2001 census, o which 48.4% wur male an 51.6% wur female.[7] As o the end o 2009, the population o the province, annooncit bi the Bulgarie Naitional Statistical Institute, numbered 108,067[1] of which 32.6% are inhabitants aged over 60 years.[8]

The follaein table represents the chynge o the population in the province efter Warld War II:

Vidin Province
Year 1946 1956 1965 1975 1985 1992 2001 2005 2007 2009 2011
Population 194,007 188,518 179,429 176,761 166,680 151,636 130,074 117,809 112,604 108,067 101,018
Soorces: Naitional Stateestical Institute,[1] „Census 2001“,[2] „Census 2011“,[3] „“,??


Releegious adherence in the province accordin tae 2001 census:[9]

Census 2001
relieegious adherence population %
Orthodox Christians 125,063 96.15%
Muslims 139 0.11%
Roman Catholics 143 0.11%
Protestants 397 0.31%
Ither 602 0.46%
Releegion no mentioned 3,730 2.87%
total 130,074 100%

Touns an veelagesEedit

The place names in bauld hae the status o toun (in Bulgarie: град, transliteratit as grad). Ither localities hae the status o veelage (in Bulgarie: село, transliteratit as selo). The names o localities are transliteratit in Laitin alphabet[10] follaeed in parentheses bi the oreeginal name in Bulgarie Cyrillic alphabet (which links tae the correspondin Bulgarie Wikipedia airticle).

Belogradchik MunicipalityEedit

The Belogradchik municipality haes ane toun (in bauld) an 17 veelages:

Boynitsa MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Boynitsa Municipality

The Boynitsa municipality haes 9 veelages:

Bregovo MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Bregovo Municipality

The Bregovo municipality haes ane toun (in bauld) an 9 veelages:

Vidin MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Vidin Municipality

The Vidin municipality haes twa touns (in bauld) an 33 veelages:

Gramada MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Gramada Municipality

The Gramada municipality haes ane toun (in bauld) an 7 veelages:

Dimovo MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Dimovo Municipality

The Dimovo municipality haes ane toun (in bauld) an 22 veelages:

Kula MunicipalityEedit

The Kula municipality haes ane toun (in bauld) an 8 veelages:

Makresh MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Makresh Municipality

The Makresh municipality haes 7 veelages:

Novo SeloEedit

The Novo Selo municipality haes 5 veelages:

Ruzhintsi MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Ruzhintsi Municipality

The Ruzhintsi municipality haes 10 veelages:

Chuprene MunicipalityEedit

Main airticle: Chuprene Municipality

The Chuprene municipality haes 9 veelages:


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