Veneto (pronounced [ˈvɛːneto], Laitin: Venetia, Venetian: Vèneto) is ane o the 20 regions o Italy. Its population is aboot 5 million, rankin 5t in Italy.


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Coat o airms o Vèneto
Coat o airms
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 • PresesLuca Zaia (Liga VenetaLega Nord)
 • Total18,399 km2 (7,104 sq mi)
 • Tot4,936,197
 • Density270/km2 (690/sq mi)
 • Italian92%
 • Romanian2%
 • Moroccan1%
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
GDP/ Nominal€ 149.4[2] billion (2008)
GDP per capita€ 30,500[3] (2008)

Veneto haed been for mair than a millennium an independent state, the Republic o Venice, till it wis eventually annexed bi Italy in 1866 efter brief Austrian an French rule. Its capital was, and still is, Venice, which ruled for centuries ane o the lairgest an richest maritime republics an trade empires in the warld. Due tae this rich cultural legacy, a significant number o Venetians consider thairsels tae hae a unique identity which they refuse tae subsume athin the notion o "Italian", an the regional govrenment haes gane so far as tae offeecially define its inhabitants as "a fowk".[4] This opened the wey tae a notable naitionalist muivement an tae the election o a "Venetian naitionalist", Luca Zaia (Liga VenetaLega Nord), as preses o the Region in 2010.

Ance the hertland o the Venetian Republic, Veneto is the day amang the walthiest, maist developit an industrialised regions o Italy. Haein ane o the kintra's richest historical, natural, airtistic, cultural, muisical an culinary heritages, it is an aw ane o the maist visitit regions o Italy, wi aboot 60 million tourists ivery year (2007).[5] Besides Italian, maist inhabitants an aw speak Venetian. Haein been for a lang period in history a land o mass emigration, Veneto is the day ane o the greatest immigrant-receivin regions in the kintra, wi 454,453 foreigners (9.30% o the regional population).

Admeenistrative diveesionsEedit

Veneto is dividit intae 7 provinces an 581 municipalities.[6][7]


Map of provinces of Veneto
Province Abbrev. Aurie (km²) Population Density
Belluno BL 3,678 213,059 57.9
Padova PD 2,141 905,112 422.8
Rovigo RO 1,789 245,598 137.3
Treviso TV 2,477 865,194 349.3
Venice VE 2,463 841,609 341.7
Verona VR 3,121 889,862 285.1
Vicenza VI 2,722 848,642 311.8

Lairgest municipalitiesEedit

Pos. Municipality Inhabitants
(m amsl)
Venice 268.741 412,54 651,4 1 VE
Verona 262.403 206,63 1.269,9 59 VR
Padua 209.696 92,85 2.258,4 12 PD
Vicenza 113.969 80,54 1.415,1 39 VI
Treviso 81.665 55,50 1.741,4 15 TV
Rovigo 51.378 108,55 473,3 6 RO
Chioggia 50.880 185,20 274,7 2 VE
Bassano del Grappa 42.237 46,79 902,7 129 VI
San Donà di Piave 39.774 78,73 505,2 3 VE
10° Schio 38.779 67,04 578,4 200 VI


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