Thomas Wolsey (c. Mairch 1473[1] – 29 November 1530; whiles spelt Woolsey) wis an Inglis poleetical figur an a cardinal o the Roman Catholic Kirk. Whan Henry VIII became King o Ingland in 1509, Wolsey became the King's almoner.[2]

His Eminence
Thomas Wolsey
Cardinal, Airchbishop o York
Primate o Ingland
Appointed15 September 1514
Term endit29 November 1530
PredecessorChristopher Bainbridge
SuccessorEdward Lee
Ither postsCardinal-Priest o S. Cecilia (1515–1530)
Ordination10 Mairch 1498
Consecration26 Mairch 1514
bi William Warham
Creatit Cardinal10 September 1515
Personal details
Previous postBishop o Lincoln, Ingland (1514)

Admeenistrator o Bath an Wells, Ingland (1518–1523)
Admeenistrator o Durham, Ingland (1523–1530)

Admeenistrator o Winchester, Ingland (1529–1530)
Alma materMagdalen College, Oxford
Coat o airms

Thomas Wolsey
Sampson Strong's portrait o Cardinal Wolsey at Christ Kirk (1610)
Laird Chancellor
In office
Precedit biWilliam Warham
Succeedit biSir Thomas More
Airchbishop o York
In office
Precedit biChristopher Bainbridge
Succeedit biEdward Lee
Personal details
BornMairch 1473
Ipswich, Suffolk, Ingland
Dee'd(1530-11-29)29 November 1530 (aged 57)
Leicester, Leicestershire, Ingland
Restin placeLeicester Abbey
RelationsRobert Wolsey (faither) an Joan Daundy (mither)
Alma materMagdalen College, Oxford
ReligionRoman Catholicism


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