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Donald Pleasence

Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE (October 5, 1919 – Februar 2, 1995) wis an Inglis actor. Pleasence wis born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Ingland. He wis raisit in Lincolnshire, Ingland. Durin his career, Pleasence wis nominatit for fower Tony Awairds. He won a BAFTA TV Awaird for Best Actor in 1959. In his whole career, Pleasence appearit in ower 200 films.

He made first his first film The Dybbuk in 1952. It wis a televeesion film. He actit in several films, such as You Only Live Once an The Great Escape. Pleasence is kent for his role as Dr. Samuel Loomis in John Carpenter's Halloween. Syne then, he appearit in five oot o the sax films of the Halloween film series. Pleasence did not appear in Halloween III: Season o the Witch acause it wis a different story frae the last twa films.

Pleasence deit at the age o 75 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Fraunce, frae complications o heart failur. It wis follaein a heart valve replacement surgery.